"Yes, absolutely, stick-it-up-the-jumper stuff," said O'Brien, with reference to one antidote to the ruck-less ploy, a simple pick-and-go by the forwards. All Black assistant coach Wayne Smith felt that England could have exploited Italy's tactic, turning it back on them, and does not believe there is any need to alter the laws.

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World Rugby needs to address this somehow. The Six Nations, in particular, has a much wider audience than any competition save the RWC and seeing experienced test players imploring the referee to explain his interpretation of basic laws underscores the confusion that many lay people have with watching rugby.

Well scrums can be confusing too, should we do away with them? :troll:

Credit to Conor O'Shea for doing whatever he could to make Italy competitive in this match. I think it introduces a fascinating new dimension to the contact area, where players will need to think on their feet and adapt.

England's rucking robots were made to look silly, and Jones like a sore winner.

3 years ago

Not to take anything away from Conor O'Shea and Italy, though certainly the Chiefs have made hay with this in Super Rugby for the last couple of years and Samoa before them. The point is that it needs to be normalized. For instance, if there is no ruck, why doesn't Italy just run around and grab the ball? Because, IIRC, there was some directives that came out of the last round of questions when the Chiefs were doing that established some sort of 1 meter bubble that the opposition had to stay out of?

The bottom line is you are right, England should have immediately gone to the pick and drive game that renders the not committing tactic ineffective as you just start giving up 2m at a go, with only a couple of players needed to recycle each phase.